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Inspect It, Inc.

Mold Inspection

Inspect It is dedicated to the detection of toxic mold in your home or business. We will perform an extensive search following strict procedures and guidelines set by the most respected organizations in the United States. During a mold inspection we will be looking for any visual signs of possible mold infestation. We enter the attic to determine if there is any evidence of water penetration, past or present. Air conditioning equipment and ductwork is inspected. Walls are tested for excess moisture. Bathrooms and all visible plumbing located in the home or building, will be inspected for leaks. After the home or business has been thoroughly inspected we can then test the air quality for the presence of any toxic molds. Test samples will be taken to the lab for analysis, and a fully detailed, computer generated report will be available within a few working days. Digital Infrared and digital photos of all problem areas will be included in the report.