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Inspect It, Inc.

Client Testimonials

Good Morning:

I would like to first begin by saying that your work was exceptional. Although I have not seen the report, I am confident that I will not be disappointed. You really represent your customer and I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, I had my children with me so I was able to focus as much at that time. It's nice to know that you take pride in your work in a business that can be consumed by greed.

Thanks again and I am looking forward to the report.


Had it not been for the thermal imaging camera I am 100% positive that the developer wouldn't have revealed possible flood damage.

E. Reddick
Hi John,

You may certainly use me as a reference. I am very pleased with your services and I greatly appreciate that you were willing to accommodate a Sunday appointment.
I understand Dee Dee M. of Bank of America was the person who recommended you to my client. She is great to work with and top on my recommended list of lenders.
You are officially on my recommended list too.
Thanks again for meeting with us on such short notice.

Sara T.
Regency Realty Services

Dear Inspect-It,

Just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. Tony and I appreciate you coming into our home and easing our fears. We never imagined a simple leak could turn into something so dangerous. The mold you found and later removed was causing our son, Brandon, health complications and I am happy to say he is feeling better and breathing easier.

Thank you again for your concern and timely solution.

Barbara B.



Inspect It, Inc.
John Brown - President

Dear John,

Stacey and I can't thank you enough for the terrific job you did inspecting our new home. Your professional courtesy and knowledge are unprecedented and we really appreciate the thorough inspection you performed. It is without question that we were able to negotiate a reduced purchase price with the sellers due to your inspection that revealed multiple problems with the property. We literally saved thousands of dollars.

You are a true professional and it is without reservation that I will highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a home inspector. Thanks again.
Very truly yours,
Kevin G.


Dear Mr. Brown:

I want to thank you for lending your services as an expert witness in the area of mold contamination and remediation on behalf of my client, Fairway View Holdings, Inc. ("Fairway View"), in connection with the trial held in the above-referenced matter on January 28, 2004. As you know, the court specifically found that no mold contamination resulted in nor caused the damages claimed by the plaintiff in this case. This ruling is based in substantial part to your expert testimony and analysis concerning the formation and release of contaminants into the air once mold has sufficiently developed within a particular area of the home.

Without your expert analysis and testimony, I firmly believe that the court may have ruled against Fairway View on these issues. Should I require the services of an expert in future mold contamination cases, I will be sure to put you on the top of the list. Fairway View also shares my sentiments.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Barry G.